Public Sector

Public Sector MPS

M2’s Managed Print Services are fully scalable and we have a successful track record implementing cost-effective, secure and environmentally sound solutions across the public sector, from education, local authorities and central government departments to charities, housing and emergency services. 

Tight Control on Performance

We know you are under scrutiny to reduce costs and with relatively large print fleets it can sometimes to be difficult to know where it all is and how it is performing. We can help you balance quality printing with high availability and cost recovery models.

Relieving Service Spend Pressure

We are confident we can reduce your print costs, deliver operational efficiencies and help protect information from inadvertent data loss in public environments.

  • Typical savings of up to 30% for new MPS customers
  • Reduce impact on IT or administrative resources by up to 38%
  • Demonstrate green savings to stakeholders


Budget Stretching Shared Services

We see shared services as a way forward for many Public sector bodies. We have the experience and knowledge to help alleviate budget constraints and can advise on best practice.

  • Split procurement across a number of organisations to further reduce costs.
  • Share or extend print or IT Services to others to leverage best value for your organisation.
  • Utilise spare print room capacity for an income generating community offer.


Secure, Cost-effective Procurement

We make public sector procurement simple through our presence on leading framework agreements either via our parent SCC or directly through M2.

Find Out More – Our Framework Agreements

Procurement Process Experts

At M2 we understand your compliance and impartiality challenges. We know that your procurement process is complex and we are skilled in responding to OJEU or framework public sector procedures.

Our dedicated public sector team enables us to provide technical expertise, impartial advice and vendor neutral MPS strategies, alongside an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure portfolio.


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