A Trusted Partner

It’s no longer just about cost-reduction, uptime and service efficiency.

Our customers want an MPS partner they can rely on to reap maximum benefits from their managed print infrastructure.

We also work with you to introduce technologies that increase productivity, encourage collaboration, and help you remain competitive through access to emerging technologies.

Best Practice MPS

Driving Innovation

We drive innovation through best practice to ensure your print infrastructure is fully optimised. This enables us to gain control of and manage your environment to significantly reduce costs and waste by focusing on the culture of print within your workplace. We know that customers who integrate document workflow solutions into their MPS programs achieve the best ROI. We look beyond minimising the costs of printing, reducing page output and device usage, to user behaviour and document workflow.

Operational Benchmarking

We will agree Key Performance Indicators at the start of our partnership. These measures are designed to reflect your business requirements and current industry standards for service delivery. Our Customer Relationship Professionals review performance (baseline vs. actual) on a regular basis to give you confidence that your MPS continues to operate effectively and competitively. We own any actions, understand the root cause of trends and proactively work to improve performance or benefit levels as part of our continual improvement programme.

Print Less

A good MPS partner will actively support you in the pursuit of a less-paper strategy. We employ a range of techniques to gently encourage users to make more responsible print choices or to enforce stricter cost saving print policies — both of which result in “best practice” printing.

Key Techniques

  • Rules & Quota Based Printing
  • Utilising default MFD settings
  • Leveraging the power of print management software
  • Print Policy & Walking Distance Policy
  • Training and Communications Programme
  • Detailed Reporting & Review

The focus here is on print rules & reporting capabilities. Evidence shows making users aware & accountable for the costs of the documents they print helps to ensure they only print the documents they need.


Ongoing Optimisation

Fleet utilisation and user reporting is an integral part of the Management Information (MI) we present to you at our review meetings. It helps us understand over utilised devices and high level users so that we can make pragmatic recommendations, for example:

  • Device relocation or swap to enhance the user experience and promote ongoing right-sizing of your print estate
  • Identify high-level users and through job profiling advise if their usage is a genuine business requirement.

Enriching MPS

Proactive Approach

We will move your managed print solution forward, in addition to improving service delivery and benefit realisations on an ongoing basis.

Customers are leaning on M2 to forge deeper relationships through an on-site presence, extend their solution to encompass production print and print room services and to transform their business via access to technologies that will streamline workflow, increase productivity and collaboration to keep them ahead of their competition.

On-site Customer Support

For some of our larger customers we provide on-site resources. Typically these are long-standing customers with a mix of large campus sites housing many devices, plus distributed sites and remote locations that span the length and breadth of the country. In these strategic partnerships our customers are looking to M2 to centralise their MPS to drive asset control, expenditure, cost reduction and lease consolidation programmes across complex print infrastructures.


Infrastructure & Defence organisations use M2 to deliver security-cleared on-site resources for enhanced user support, service response and print room provision.
Construction & Engineering firms use M2 to provide in-house technical resources and develop a more dynamic relationship to support the peaks and troughs of project related work
Professional Service companies use M2’s expertise to integrate their internal helpdesk systems with M2’s Service Desk platform to provide a real-time bi-directional information flow to their customers and partners.

Solution & IT Workshops

We hold workshops to plan how we can enhance your current solution to deliver increased benefits and Innovation Days to share best practice and understand how your business is changing so we can enrich your MPS solution when the time is right. We will share the latest solutions, innovations and emerging technologies from our leading OEM hardware and software partners. To enrich your overall experience with M2 we will introduce the latest IT Services from our parent company, SCC – including Data Hosting, Cloud Services and Collaboration platforms.

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Get Started

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