Specialist Print Security, Remediation and Control

Safeguarding business value

M2 Print Security Services are available to all of our customers big or small in both the private and public sector.

For more than 20 years M2 has led the MPS industry with its IT print expertise.

Our specialist consultants have a wealth of knowledge in print security and have developed bespoke security solutions for our highly secure government and defence sector MPS customers.

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Key Challenges

The Threat From Within

One of the biggest threats is internal to an organisation – negligent insiders or disgruntled employees. Data loss from unsecured printers or unauthorised users can result in commercial damage or create operational risk.

We help protect business information by putting controls in place to secure and manage the input- throughput-output cycle.


Source: Quocirca Report (2017) – “Print Security: An imperative in the IoT era.”


Imagine your sensitive information in the wrong hands – what could it cause?

  • Reports leaked to a competitor or The Press and leveraged for financial gain.
  • Confidential data uploaded to public domains damaging your reputation.
  • Salary disclosures resulting in internal resentment or conflict.
  • Fines from a data breach due to non-compliance with GDPR or industry regulation
  • Hacked print device brings the ability to print to a standstill across the organisation


GDPR, Regulation & Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018 with hefty fines of up to 4% of global turnover or Euro20M for those organisations in non-compliance.

GDPR aims to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world; applies to all companies processing personal data of subjects residing in the EU regardless of the company’s location; and strengthens the right to be forgotten by entitling data subjects to have their personal data erased.

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How We Help

Secure print release by card swipe or pin code
Encryption of the print device hard disk together with a disk overwrite strategy protects against the loss of personal data, ensuring GDPR compliance.
User Authentication at the device
BOYD access logged and controlled
Device Fleet Security Compliance Reporting
Proactive Management of Device Firmware Updates
Print Server Data Encryption


Trusted Advisor

Through our parent SCC – Europe’s biggest independent IT Services business – we deliver a broad portfolio of IT Services, enhanced technical expertise and impartial advice. Our contracts can form part of a consolidated IT Services agreement totally tailored to your needs and designed to reduce your annual IT spend.

We offer a ‘one-stop shop’ – including hardware, software, networking and security to  data centre and cloud services – underpinned by multi-award winning professional and managed services that keep our private and public sector customers secure, mobile, agile and connected.


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