Customer Relationship Services

Dedicated Excellence

We offer dedicated Customer Relationship Managers to our larger or more complex customers who need additional support, coupled with an on-site presence if needed.

Our Account Managers support our smaller or more niche customers who require a lighter-touch.

Customer Relationship Managers

Our award-winning, nationwide Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) own and develop the customer relationship.

They are your key contact and will work closely with you and your team to deliver Service Excellence across all aspects of your new print environment.

Key Benefits

Knowledgeable and unique team in the MPS market.
Small portfolio of accounts per team member for attentive service.
Nationwide coverage.
Project management experience.
Regular review meetings with MI reports.

CRMs are involved in the total life-cycle of the account from contract award, during implementation and the move into Business as Usual (BAU).

They report on benefit realisations, business continuity and propose future-state improvements or innovation.

Management packs are presented to customers detailing a complete overview of your infrastructure.

From output figures to number of service calls, performance updates to innovations and developments, providing complete visibility and transparency of the print environment and our service.


  • Proposal
    Feed clients operational needs in to submission

    Assists with Proposal/Bid

  • Implementation
    Onsite during deployment

    Relationship Development

    End User Training
  • BAU

    Onsite Presence

    Issure Resolution

    Benefits Realisation

    Fleet Management

    Project Management

    Toner/device Queries

    Billing & Invoicing
  • Stabilisation
    Bedding in Post Project issue resolution

    Base line for benefits tracking


Ongoing Account Management

Our smaller or more niche customers benefit from an assigned Account Manager.

They have overall responsibility for ensuring that service levels are met throughout the duration of your contract and work closely with our operational teams to ensure that the service remains at the highest standard.

Key Benefits

Experience in MPS
Nationwide coverage
Business Development Skills
Regular review meetings with service quality metrics

M2’s Account Managers are available to support your business and are involved in total life-cycle of your account from contract award, during implementation and the move into Business as Usual (BAU).

Managing Customer Experience

M2 recommends regular face-to-face Review Meetings to build our partnership and drive customer satisfaction. We will provide visibility and an analysis of our performance at each review.

Top Notch Reporting

We have been widely acknowledged throughout the industry for leading the way in reporting functionality due to our continued investment in M2 Intelligence, which brings comprehensive real-time visibility to your entire print environment.

It tracks and reviews all activity, primarily at device and network level offering unrivalled management information on-demand and empowers M2 to provide proactive asset management.

Accurate Management Information
Our detailed Report Suite is compiled from accurate and reliable metrics pulled from M2 Intelligence and our integrated back-office systems.

Proactive Asset Management
We identify key trends, plus peaks and troughs in print activity to understand if volumes are being produced on the most appropriate devices to ensure maximum user efficiency and the most cost effective print provision.

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