Managed Print Security Services

The smart way to identify, mitigate and manage print security within your business.

At M2 we do all this for you as we know that most organisations do not have the expertise or resources in house to fully evaluate print security, scale, automate and keep up with new risks and regulations in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

We can provide an end-to-end solution or recommend a mitigation plan that sits alongside your security policy to focus on priority areas of risk and impact in your organisation.


How It Works


Our web-based and on premise assessments identify known print security risks and gaps in your existing security policy relating to print.


We define a security policy and mitigation plan to fit your needs. Then apply fixes and set agreed standard configurations to secure access to and from your devices.


Our print security control software ensures your risk threats are kept to a minimum We report on breaches, issue automated resolves and agree actionable remedies with you.

Get Started with our Web-based Assessment

Our web-based security assessment provides an immediate evaluation of your print security risk and enables our consultants to have an informed conversation with you and highlight any obvious recommendations.


Building a Reliable and Accurate Picture

The full audit provides an accurate picture of where your print infrastructure is open to potential breaches and enables our consultants to define a vendor-independent security policy tailored to your needs. For instance you may wish to focus on small sub-set of higher impact areas out of a longer list of recommended baseline remediation and we can build this into your mitigation plan.


Active Security Management

We apply fixes, configure device settings to agreed security standards and ensure your devices are secure on the network. We deploy M2 Intelligence and our security control software to give you confidence that every device in your networked print environment is constantly monitored and analysed.


We Work How You Want Us To

For many issues we automate resolves. Alternatively, we can report on breaches as they happen and be guided by you, as there may be a legitimate reason for a configuration change by an authorised user.


Regular Reviews & Reporting

We provide ongoing reporting to show compliance or highlight gaps that can then be addressed, giving you peace of mind.


By managing the print cycle from the moment a print job is sent or stored on the device to the moment it’s picked up from the output tray, we can help improve your document security, plus it helps cut costs and waste.

Key Benefits

Capability to deliver a managed print security service in a mixed fleet / multivendor environment
Expert evaluation and mitigation of print security risk from our in-house specialists
Demonstrable track record delivering secure managed print solutions
Ability to enhance document and print security through independent print security policy
Tried & Tested Methodology based on industry best practice
Reduced exposure to internal and external threats
Enables local IT Teams to focus on own specialism

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