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Expert Print Solutions

We have a strong track record implementing leading software products and print solutions in diverse environments to a range of customers from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies.

This has resulted in a symbiotic relationship with our partners to develop unique document workflows and accelerated escalation for deep application dependence requirements.

Our experience qualifies us to act as your Trusted Advisor and gives us the edge to ensure your print solution is truly fit for purpose.

Integral to Success

We play an integral part in Consultancy to ensure that a robust and complete approach to Solutions Design and Implementation is adhered to and the agreed solution is tested and successfully transitioned into Business As Usual (BAU).


IT Print Strategy & Network Infrastructure Management

Managing a complex print infrastructure with tight resources can be daunting as there are many pitfalls in print solution design that often catch-out non-specialists.

How We Can Help

We can untangle your current print environment problems.
We can simply design a new print network for you.
You can pass your print responsibility to M2 in its entirety
We can manage your infrastructure on your behalf
We can host your print solution in one of our dedicated data centres.

IT Development and Solution Architects

M2’s in-house Development team works both internally and on customer projects. They are responsible for developing and supporting M2 Intelligence, and available to apply their IT expertise to provide bespoke solutions.

Document Security Analysis

M2 has experience delivering secure solutions across government designated secure networks, and to highly regulated sectors handling sensitive and public information and is fully capable of addressing your information security needs.

Key Risks

  • Lack of encryption when transmitting a document
  • Leaving electronic traces of documents in an area accessible by non-authorised staff
  • Simply allowing the document to print freely at the device.

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Get Started

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