Mobile Print

Future ‘On The Go’ business mobility

Secure, easy printing from smartphones and tablets

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we work. BYOD is now standard business practice and the expanding mobile workforce demand access to print ‘on the go.’ A simple task like printing from iPhones, iPads and Android devices is no longer a challenge for businesses with M2’s mobile print solution.

Mobile print enables you to print from your device via email, wireless connection or your network, regardless of size or location

M2 will deliver simple to use print functionality within your business infrastructure or beyond the corporate firewall.

Simple, secure, convenient

Mobile print can be integrated with our print management solutions for secure document release and easy cost recovery. Finding an enabled-printer is easy – users chose from a list, or scan a QR Code on a printer to automatically select that device, and then follow the simple workflow displayed on their mobile device.

Mobile print also allows colleagues to print documents directly from cloud storage locations: Dropbox; Google Drive, and SkyDrive/OneDrive.


Key Benefits

Mobile secure printing

Ability to print directly to an MFD or printer from both tablets and smartphones.

QR code identification

Using the device camera a specific printer can easily be identified using a QR code, simplifying the end-to-end printing process.

Print from cloud storage

Mobile print enables users to print directly from cloud file shares such as Dropbox; Google Drive and SkyDrive/OneDrive.


At a Glance

Print documents by uploading to an email address or hosted/in-house web server
Create and email address for each printer if required and have the print job release immediately
Couple the solution with print management to track, secure and hold the mobile print process
Give guests the ability to print when visiting, ideal for hotels, retail environments and businesses of any size
Stick a QR code on every printer you have and enable secure printing from authorised users’ BYOD and business allocated smartphones and tablets



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