Scalable, Secure Scan & Capture

One-touch workflows help you ‘Go-digital’

Automate, merge, route paper and digital documents

Our scan & capture workflow solutions connect your MFDs, print, mobile and other network devices to your business applications to accelerate the delivery of paper and digital documents into valuable information streams to help you do business faster, and better.

One in three SMEs rely on inefficient paper filing systems prone to human error. M2’s scan & capture solutions help eliminate paper intensive processes, document bottlenecks and their associated hidden costs.

Simple ‘scan-to’ technology at the MFD enables the fast integration of documents into digital workflows, reducing operational costs and making your workplace more productive.

Flexible, versatile, efficient

Our scan & capture solutions enable businesses of all sizes to secure, transform and deliver documents to multiple destinations for access by the right people at the right time. These workflow solutions support compliance and help improve the control you have over your business data.

Workflow automation turns paper intensive routines into efficient processes by transforming data into valuable information  – easily findable, searchable, and saved in enhanced formats to make your business run smoothly.

Key Benefits

Efficient document scanning

Maximise employee productivity with a bespoke solution that allows you to convert your documents into business information.

Workflow authorisation

Route your electronic document to multiple storage locations both in house and in the cloud, supported with full authorisation where necessary.

Workflow reporting

Monitor the document workflow process to ensure you know exactly where digitised documents are currently located and where authorisation has been given to progress further.

Security options

Our solutions can include Active Directory & LDAP authentication, single sign-on / session sign-on, file encryption, secure delete and delivery.

Scan-to SIMS

For educational facilities direct scan-to SIMS connector is available.


At a Glance

Accurate integration of documents into digital workflows automating routine process tasks
Quickly scan large volumes of documents in ‘one touch’ at the MFD to realise productivity gains
Monitor and secure the scanning process with a range of security and compliance options
Scan, save and print in one-touch
Personalised access enables frequent workflow selection in ‘one touch’ – automating processes
Scan-to multiple destinations in ‘one-touch’ – network folders, people, storage, SharePoint and document management solutions
Effortlessly scan-to the cloud destinations based on user credentials – includes Dropbox and Google Drive


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