Latest industry research* reveals four key themes steering the future of MPS in a maturing market as organisations begin to leverage their MPS investments to deliver enhanced benefits. Those themes are Security, Digital Transformation, Innovation and Satisfaction, which we will explore in more depth in future articles.

Industry analysts, Quocirca highlight that whilst cost reduction, security and service quality remain the top three MPS drivers there is still room for improvement as customers look to flexibility and innovation in their MPS contracts.

Expectations are changing. 74% of UK organisations see MPS as a key enabler to digital transformation. Research has shown that those with MPS are further ahead integrating paper and digital workflows and capitalise on MPS technology as part of a wider information management strategy to leverage more business value from their service providers.

Over the next editions we will share our market knowledge and expertise and bring you up to speed on how we are evolving to meet all of our customers’ changing needs.

In the future we will cover the themes of digital transformation and innovation, plus take a look in more depth at cost savings, service quality, document workflow and management information in relation to customer satisfaction.


Securing Print – How do you compare?

First we take a look at the top Security challenges troubling organisations.

Over 90% cite securing print as integral to their overall security strategy, rising to 100% in financial and professional service sectors, making it a top 3 MPS driver.

Large enterprises and mid-market players rate security as highly as cost-reduction in importance, yet only 24% say they have fully achieved their security goals, and only 44% have implemented pull-print secure print release via user code or swipe card.

The UK leads in terms of secure print adoption, yet take-up in some sectors is surprisingly low with only 60% financial, 48% professional services and 45% of the public sector having implemented this core technology.

The UK performs well compared to Europe with only 40% having suffered one or more print-related data loss in the last 12 months. Overall, professional services, industrials and the public sector reported higher data loss levels.


Risk – Perception versus Reality

70% say access to the network via an unsecured printer/MFP is a big concern, although this is the least common source of reported data breach at 18%.

Issues are more prevalent in mid-market organisations who may not have the tools to protect their print infrastructure, especially at a device level; and organisations not using pull-print technology experience more data losses.

Quocirca contend that smaller organisations are less likely to have a well-defined MPS strategy and are therefore not implementing the appropriate secure printing practices – despite placing the same priority on print as their larger counterparts. This is reflected in the reported causes of print-related data loss:


Closing the Securing Print Gap

The good news is that security assessments are on the rise with over 37% having completed and 50% planning to assess their document processes across their print environment, but the public sector lags with only 20% having completed an assessment.

Deploying pull-print alone is not a silver bullet. It is important to select the right MPS provider, and perhaps the fact that 33% of respondents are planning to implement this solution in the next 12 months and 24% are looking to switch MPS provider at contract renewal highlights this.


For those taking the next step in Securing Print, consider this 8-point checklist when assessing your MPS provider’s capabilities to fully support your needs now and into the future:

  • Proactive consultation to recommend the best pull-print solution for your organisation.
  • Demonstrable experience in your sector
  • Partnership approach to help you change and improve internal behaviour via print policy implementation and enforcement.
  • IT Print expertise to deliver device and network level print security
  • Technical ability to secure print across a standardised and multi-vendor platform and to single and multi-site organisations
  • Industry accreditation and certification from leading technology companies and Tier-1 hardware vendors.
  • Best practice project management skills
  • Presence on public sector and government frameworks
  • Ability to deliver secure print solutions via The Cloud

For further information on M2 and how we can help you take the next step in securing print in your organisations, please contact:

*Quocirca Enterprise MPS Study: High Level Findings – 200 Respondents, July 2016