Environmental Savings

Taking Care of the Environment Together

The environment is as high on our agenda as it is on yours.

That is why we actively help you to reduce your impact on the environment and provide regular reporting as standard, so that you can validate the environmental savings against your sustainability goals.

How Can You Help Me?

We enable our customers to lessen volumes, route jobs to the most efficient device and help eliminate any waste associated with the operation of their print fleet. Our expertise lies in our ability to measure and report on your carbon footprint reduction.

We identify CO2 emissions, power, toner and paper consumption savings and provide management information on the environmental benefits gained, with highlighted usage trends.

Key Environmental Drivers

Ability to reduce power consumption through smarter printing techniques
Prevention of excess paper and toner usage via print management software
Increase in the volume of unnecessary print jobs from email and internet output
Deployed technology is responsibly developed and operationally efficient
Proactive concern that suppliers are responsible in terms of recycling and disposals and strive to embedded environmentally-sound processes into the supply-chain.

If you identify with any of the above criteria, we can help.

To get the most out of your MPS solution M2 will optimise your print infrastructure and reduce energy consumption through device consolidation.


  • Rules & Quota Based Printing
    Ensures smart printing practices such as double-sided, 2-up or mono only are upheld.
  • Pull Print Technology
    Reduces waste from repeated output, where prints are collected by the wrong person or left at the device.
  • Fast User Acceptance
    We promote smart printing practices with training days and communications.
  • Sustainble MPS Initiatives
    We have embedded green initiatives to help customers reduce their waste.


Throwing Away Good Kit is Not Environmental Sound

M2 takes a ‘greener approach’ to MPS. We will take-on all or part of your existing fleet when it remains fit for purpose. We follow a balanced deployment strategy rather than ‘rip and replace’ tactics. Learn more.

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