Print On the Go

Switched-on employees expect a seamless experience anywhere in the workplace 24/7/365.

A Print Method For the Way You Work

Empowering your remote and mobile users to print wherever they are with the same level of quality, control and security.

  • Email
    Simply submit print jobs.
    Send or forward an email with attachment to the printer or MFD’s email address.
    A release code is issued to retrieve documents securely, on-demand.
  • Apps
    Support iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices
    Integrate with authentication services, e.g. LDAP or Active Directory.
    Track jobs much like any other print job in your organisation.
  • Web
    Upload documents via a web browser or print portal
    After authentication, the user selects their desired printer and browses for the document they would like to print.
  • Driver
    Users print using the standard .File>Print workflow
    Allows access to remote print locations deployed within the enterprise.



How Can You Help Me?

M2 are increasingly integrating mobile or wifi print within our customers Managed Print solutions.

We help improve the productivity of your mobile workforce with minimum impact on IT resources. We offer both native device and scalable enterprise solutions from leading technology partners, such as EFI.

Using MPS as a platform for mobile print allows you to control usage and safeguard business information against risk.

Key Drivers for Mobile Print

Widespread and increasingly mobile workforce
Tasked to improve the hot desk experience multiple sites and remote locations
Ability to extend print to visitors and support users with BYOD devices
Struggling to adapt legacy document workflow to a mobile document environment
Employees need to print seamlessly and without hitch
Mobile workers need to maintain document quality and security

If this resonates with you, we can help.

Security is Critical

Native mobile print solutions offer enhanced security by allowing users to set a password that is needed at the device to collect the print job.

Enterprise solutions can be integrated with Pull-Print or Follow-Me applications for secure document release to authenticated users and guests, and full mobile usage tracking and reports.

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