Safeguarding Against Risk

Reputation Management

You stake your reputation and put your business on the line if you do not make sure that the information you handle remains confidential.

Security is often underestimated as an MPS benefit, yet we help many organisations safeguard their document environment from leaking sensitive information.


How Can You Help Me?

Today’s organisations have a duty of care when processing documents containing sensitive client or public information and increasingly need to comply with regulatory guidelines relating to the handling of sensitive or confidential information in both the public and private sectors.

M2’s strength is its IT-led expertise in print which extends to both the input and output of documents at the point of vulnerability where technology is open to human involvement.

At M2 we will help you protect the confidential information within your business from risk, by making it difficult for your documents to get into the wrong hands.

Key Security Drivers

Highly regulated sector handling volumes of confidential or sensitive information.
Pressure to optimise paper intensive processes in client facing organisations.
High-level of security or compliance requirements.
Mobile workforce with hot-desking has impact on workplace.

If you share this experience, we are confident we can help.

M2 can safeguard your print environment by implementing Pull Print or Follow Me software with secure release technology by pin or smartcard.

This allows users to release their print job on demand at the device so information is not left in the print tray for all to see.

We have developed a bespoke scanning solution to increase the efficiency and security of inbound paperwork in the financial sector to ensure their compliance with FSA guidelines.

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